Services Provided

Peak Contracting, LLC provides a holistic program of construction services that can be taken from the inception phase of a project to its completion. They include:


Evaluating federal, state, and local governmental requirements, preparing the necessary documentation and processing and obtaining mandatory paperwork and/or approvals - all typically time-consuming tasks - are adeptly handled through dedicated personnel who have several projects to their names. We provide this as a component to the other construction services so as to speed up the process to completion.

Cost Estimating

Peak provides comprehensive estimating services. Depending on the stage of the project, we can provide order-of-magnitude, budget, or definitive estimating services.

Each estimating project goes through 3 phases; namely, take-off, costing, and, eventually, pricing. Each phase is adeptly handled by our dedicated estimating personnel, along with Peak's committed pool of subcontractors.

Value Engineering

Definition: A multi-discipline, systematic, and proactive function that is targeted at the design itself.

Objective: Develop a design that will yield the least life-cycle costs or provide the greatest value while also meeting all functional, safety, quality, operability, maintainability, and durability.

Types of Value: Cost, exchange, use, and esteem

Constructability: Analysis relating to the means and methods during the construction phase, and how it relates to the design choices (materials, equipment requirements, long-least items, schedule, etc.)

General Contractor

  • Qualified staffing and site supervision
  • Safety
  • Subcontractors
  • Scheduling
  • Coordination of FF&E
  • Project closeout

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