About Peak Contracting, LLC

Peak Contracting, LLC, is a full-service general contractor, committed to "building our clients' vision" by providing superior quality and services that exceed industry standards. Our reputation and versatility afford us the opportunity to collaborate with developers, subcontractors, and owners on projects of all types.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, we are licensed in Arizona, California, and Texas. Our Principal, Pat Booth, has working in the construction industry for nearly 30 years, with experience in both large and small projects, commercial and residential, all over the country.

At Peak, we firmly believe that the success of a project depends on communication and pre-planning among all disciplines and stakeholders. We believe that success is a comprehensive team effort, including Peak, our customers, and our vendors. By establishing open lines of communication, vision, goals, timing, and budgetary requirements from conception to roll-out, we can create an environment that fosters mutual success.

Each and every person at Peak Contracting is dedicated to making your project a success. We value our relationship with you and strive to achieve excellence in everything that we do. By understanding your values and goals, we hope to better serve and develop a long-term relationship with you. Our objective is to deliver outstanding, personalized service to our customers.

Peak Contracting, LLC, 7314 E Rovey Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 480-518-3067
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